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Maggie and Squash

Penguin Random House, 2022

“An ode to the journey of friendship, including the bumps, bruises, and bandages acquired along the way.” —School Library Journal

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Coming Soon!
Another adventure for Maggie and Squash!

Maggie and Squash

Frog and Friends

FROG cover, MBoldt.jpg
frog & friends.jpeg
Frog and Friends

Penguin Random House, 2015-2018

"Petty and Boldt provide just enough predictability to hook youngest readers, then deliver a delightful twist or two to create surprise and satisfaction...."—Shelf Awareness

"Silliness and deadpan humor combine into a hopping good story of being happy with who you are."—Booklist


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Over 600k copies sold
Over 12 foreign sales
Nearly 10 years in publication

The World of Joe Cepeda

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I HELP cover.jpg
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Coming soon! Another adventure from Joe Cepeda.

Holiday House, 2020-2023

"Cepeda lovingly crafts a little boy with agency in a diverse community with heart." — School Library Journal, Starred Review

"The essence of these books is about being a part of a community and finding happiness in simple but meaningful tasks. " — School Library Journal


The Wold of Joe Cepeda
Chip & Mitten
chip & mittens_edited.jpg

Chip and Mittens

DON'T TRUST CATS, DPetty, MBoldt (1).jpg
DON'T EAT BEES cover, MBoldt, DPetty.jpg

Penguin Random House, 2022-2024

chip costume.jpeg
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Coming in 2025! 
More life lessons from Chip the Dog!

"Romping read-aloud. . . . Funny and involving." — Booklist

"Boldt’s signature sculptural dimensionality and flair for goofy expressions give readers much to savor."—Publishers Weekly


Cantaloupe and HoneyDo


Penguin Random House, 2024

From the New York Times bestselling artist of Just Try One Bite and I Don’t Want to Be a Frog comes a picture book series of spectacular firsts, featuring two melons with hilariously—and helpfully—opposite worldviews.

Cantaloupe & HoneyDo
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Coming in 2025!
Another adventure for Cantaloupe and HoneyDo!

The Cozy Friends

The Cozy Friends

cozy 1.jpg
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From the New York Times bestselling author-illustrator Eliza Wheeler, comes a new series filled with the cozy joys and charming friends of Acorn Village. Her illustrations of familiar winter experiences are full of rich detail sure to ignite imaginations and make readers want to visit Acorn Village again and again.

cozy 4_edited.png

Penguin Random House, 2024

A Cozy Winter Day - village 2.jpg
The Claymates

The Claymates

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CLAYMATES cover_edited.jpg

Little, Brown, 2017

"Petty's punchy, dialogue-only narrative and ... Eldridge's expressive sculpture give these clay buddies a surplus of personality.... a giddy mix of naive and naughty." 
― Publishers Weekly, starred review

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Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at 11.10_edited.p
Screen Shot 2024-03-06 at

Coming in 2026! 
More wonderful adventures with the Claymates! 

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